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My Top 10 Gundams

For 40 years, the Gundam franchise has become a pop culture staple. From anime, manga, games, and not to mention plastic model kits, the franchise no doubt gave us memorable mobile suits.

For this top 10 list, I will be sharing my top 10 Gundams from the entire franchise. We'll be considering the following in this list:
- All units must bear the "Gundam" name
- Only one entry per series
- No entries from any Build seasons, as they are modifications

1. Gundam Double X

Designed from the Gundam X, its defining feature is the more powerful twin satellite cannon. Not only was it more powerful, but also deadly accurate for long distance shots, making Double X a truly devastating sniper. Better take it down before it finishes charging.

2. Gundam Heavyarms Custom (TV version)

All the Gundams in Gundam Wing have become iconic in their own right. However, what got my attention from the first time I saw the series was the Heavyarms with its gatling gun. While most of its allies got significant upgrades, the only change to the Heavyarms was its main weapon. It didn't stop Trowa, however, from taking down tons of enemies. I do prefer the tv version because of the color scheme, and the arm knife for close combat.

3. Destiny Gundam

Hate the pilot, but not the mobile suit. The Destiny has everything I look for in a mobile suit. Insane mobility, powerful long range weapons, a large beam sword capable of slicing warships, and an energy shield that can block virtually anything. Destiny is the epitome of versatility.

4. Knight Gundam

A Gundam that had exclusively been SD since its introduction, this badass real-type redesign made its debut in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series. Knight Gundam is sentient and is powered by magic, and incorporates magic in its attacks.

5. Gundam Zephyranthes Full Vernier

As an overhaul to the damaged Zephyranthes, the Full Vernier has bigger, better armor, and its signature thrusters for better mobility in space. Its weaponry may be simplistic, but enough to fight back against the Physalis.

6. F91 Gundam

F91 is known for its high mobility and signature weapon, the Variable Speed Beam Rifle. In all honesty, I do find the open face weird until now, but this compact unit packs a lot of speed and power.

7. Ground Gundam

While not made of Gundarium, and basically a modified Ground GM, the Ground Gundam is the Earth Federation's attempt at mass producing the iconic mobile suit for use on Earth. Capable of using a variety of artillery and even beam weapons, the Ground Gundam was a formidable enough unit, especially in the hands of Shiro Amada.

8. Ex-S Gundam

The Ex-S Gundam is a beast of a unit with a metric ton of insanely powerful weapons, an i-field for defense in addition to its already heavy armor, and the super AI " ALICE" that will practically do all the work for you while you sit back and relax as your foes fall.

9. Gundam 005

A member of the RX78 line, the RX78-5 shares many traits with the original Gundam, with a few unique weapons such as the beam guns on its arms, but what truly separates the RX78-5 from its sister units is the giant gatling.

10. Shining Gundam

The Shining Gundam is best at close combat. Very simple design, and with enough training with the mobile tracer suit, the Shining Gundam should be easy to pilot. As to why I would choose this over the God Gundam, I prefer the Shining's super mode.

Honorable mentions:

RX78-2 Gundam
Gundam Mk.II
Alex Gundam
V Dash Gundam Hexa
Full armor ZZ Gundam

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