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My Top 10 Heisei Rider Kicks (Main Characters)

The Heisei era was a period for many changes and developments for the Kamen Rider franchise. And Rider Kicks have indeed come a long way.

In this list, I'll be sharing my favorite Rider Kicks from the Heisei era.
For this list we'll consider the following:
-This list will include only the finishers of the main rider.
-Only default forms are considered.

1. Kamen Rider Ryuki - Dragon Rider Kick

Just having a dragon assist you in your finisher is just the best. And while you're setting up, Dragredder can potentially provide cover.

2. Kamen Rider Faiz - Crimson Smash

Stunning the enemy with a shot of photon energy and then phasing through the enemy is just a sight to behold. Nuff said.

3. Kamen Rider Kabuto - Rider Kick

Executing Kabuto's kick requires perfect timing as yoir back is turned towards the enemy, then waiting for the perfect moment to turn and strike the Worm on the face. Kabuto does have a more standard kick, but we all know he's famous for this counter kick. Badass.

4. Kamen Rider Blade - Lightning Blast/Lightning Sonic

Blade's stance already looks nice. And the combination announcement of KICK! THUNDER! MACH! are just as iconic.

5. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Mighty Critical Strike

Ex-Aid's Rider Kick unleashes a flurry of kicks until the Bugsters are completely deleted.

6. Kamen Rider Fourze - Rocket Drill Kick

Fourze is the only primary rider to use his left leg for his Rider Kick. But not just that. LOOK AT THAT DRILL! Having a rocket to boost the kick to pierce through while shouting out the name of your finisher just screams shonen anime.

7. Kamen Rider W - Joker Extreme

Just seeing W split into 2 halves right down the middle never ceases to amaze me.

8. Kamen Rider Den-O - Hissatsu Waza Kick Version

Den-O is unique in this list because the Sword Form mainly uses the Dengassher sword. This Rider Kick debuted in the Onigashima Castle Movie. I love this one because it's not the typical kick, but a 2-hit combo, first to knock the enemy off-balance, then the actual finish.

9. Kamen Rider Wizard - Kick Strike

 Wizard's magic seal covered in flames is such a visual. Combine that with the Dragon Phantom for greater effect.

10. Kamen Rider Decade - Dimension Kick

Seeing Decade pass through those card-like projections to build up momentum is a masterpiece. The movie version where he combines with Kamen Rider J for a gigantic kick is legendary.

Honorable mentions:

Kuuga Mighty Kick
Gaim Burai Kick
Drive Speedrop
Zi-O Time Break
Hibiki Onigeri Tsui no Kata

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