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My Top Japanese Songs for 2020 (with MVs)

2020 sucks for many reasons but Japan still didn't stop giving great songs to get through the year.

I'd like to share the songs that made my year and I highly recommend them for your playlists.
For this list I'll only list songs that were released within 2020. I'll also include their music videos in case you want to sample them.

1. Ryokuoushoku Shakai - Mela!

Mela! is an inspiring song about being a hero. The MV tells the story about the Big Bad Wolf known in several fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood wanting to change for the better and becoming loved by everyone.

2. Official Higedandism - I LOVE...

I LOVE... is a powerful song about expressing love. As seen in the MV love is expressed in many different ways.

3. King Gnu - Teenager Forever

Teenager Forever gives off huge YOLO energy. In the video the band members are given a fat stack of cash each not tto mention the freedom to spend it however they want. My favorite part was when the lead singer got into some hilarious hijinx.  Also the fact that that scene was shot in the Philippines gets plus points from me.

4. Choutokkyuu - Asayake

Asayake's bright visuals imagery and lyrics make you feel like you are reading a Cinderella story which it probably is considering the emphasis on the shoes. But it's aslo a song about liking/loving someone for who they really are.

5. Yuri - Dry Flower

I must admit I'm a sucker for sad songs. Dry Flower is a break-up song whose lyrics compare the fading feelings to drying flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this short list as well as the songs. Share your favorite 2020 Japanese songs in the comments!

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