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Romantic Asian movies about dating

Many of us are familiar with Nigerian Bollywood movies or Spanish Telemundo Soap Operas. Similarly, the Japanese have their collection of scintillating dramas capturing encompassing Japanese culture. These shows are broadcast daily, with some running for several seasons and entrancing oriental locals and foreigners as well.  

The culture behind these shows is based on family values, spiritual and religious beliefs as well as communal behaviors. Examples include soap operas highlighting age-old beliefs regarding marriage or romantic comedies pinpointing Western culture's infiltration into Asian communities.  

A Few Top Dorama Films worth Checking Out 

Finding the best movie to watch based on preferences can be challenging. The challenge is the same across the board, be it for western movies or Japanese flicks. The users of sites presented on specialized in Chinese culture like no one, and know which Dorama is the best for the first date night. So, we prepare a list of top Dorama-films below. 

·   Dating: What's It Like To Be In Love?

Revolving around two young people seeking marriage, this movie hits home with many viewers. The characters both seek marriage material. Yoriko is educated, with a zest for life, seeking to get hitched before hitting thirty. It’s easy to see the cultural implications as the young girl wants to be married early, much like her late mother. On the contrary, Takumi, her soon-to-be partner, is unemployed, with little enthusiasm for anything other than books and music. The twist to this plot is that the man decides to seek financial stability in a relationship. It presents some dating challenges faced by many men and women globally, but in the context of Japanese culture. 

  • Dating in the kitchen 

It is a warm romantic drama revolving around a merger acquisition. A young lady known as Gu Shengnan, played by Zhao Lusi, is an assistant chef at a hotel set for acquisition. The young man in charge of this impending buy-out gets his car scratched, accidentally, by the recently heartbroken lass. As fate would have it, Gu Shengnan manages to impress Lu with her culinary skills, after a mishap in the hotel’s kitchen. It turns out the business magnate is also a food lover. The two get to know each other better over some tasty treats. This Dorama has 24 episodes; it is more than enough drama to keep anyone glued to their seats for a while. 

  • How to Date an Otaku Girl (2009) 

This movie isn’t mushy or corny at all. It’s a boy meets girl kind of movie, centered on the fact that she’s into butler cafes and manga. The young lady, Yoriko, is obsessed with comics and cafes. Hinata, the male character, takes to these vices well, totally embracing her and falling for her despite any inconveniences they may cause. It’s more of a how-to guide on what you may run into as you pursue an Otaku girl. This movie falls right into the millennials category of movie flicks, as opposed to adult-oriented movies. 

Life Hack Lessons from Films 

A few handy dating tips can be found from experience, online dating sites as well as films. Though many films help audiences escape from their harsh realities, romantic dramedies also provide valuable dating insight. 

  • Using the above films as an example, if one partner cannot accommodate others' needs, it may end up killing the relationship. Hinata fully embraced his partner’s vices, and eventually, romance was the name of the game for the better part of the film. Many couples are selfishly seeking someone to fulfill all their desires instead of being selfless and empathetic. 

  • Twist of fate, and a turn for the better. As Gu Shengnan lived to tell, somewhat large problems subtly guide you to the right path. Being yourself and sticking to your goals is important. The company had issues, and so did her relationships. These problems provided a gateway to showcase her skills. Your circumstances never predict or determine your future. 
  • The overarching theme is open-mindedness. Some couples meet and separate instantly due to a list they have in their head of what they won’t accept of a partner. Others are too hard on themselves, missing a chance to smell the flowers with a close friend and potential mate. Having an education did not guarantee Yoriko (What it’s like to be in Love), a life-long partner. Takumi wanted someone to support him financially. These two could not be further apart in terms of goals. But they met and dated. 


There are no life-hacks perfectly aligned to specific character traits. Also, there is no guru with the ultimate potion to make healthy, stress-free dating and a match made in heaven. However, movies like the ones above, and a few life-hacks can get you going in the right direction. 

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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