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Sony Releases Unique Spider-Man Promo Video Feat. The 3 Live-Action Spider-Man Actors

We all know that it recently debunked and is far from happening but recently, Sony's official Latin-American youtube channel has released a video featuring all 3 past and present Spider-Man actors. Is Sony hinting at something big?

The video shows actions scene from the first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire, the reboot movie starring Andrew Garfield, and lastly, the MCU movies featuring Tom Holland as the current live-action Spider-Man actor.

A translation of the video was also released and it goes like this:

"Who is your favorite Spider-Man? You don't have to choose. In the Marvel Multiverse, anything can happen. And in Spider-Man 3, it is very possible you will see everyone. Yes! The three Peter Parkers saving the world together."

Could this be the moment that we have been waiting for? Is this a big tease from the heads at Sony Entertainment? Only time well tell.

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