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My Top 10 Sentai Reds - 45th Anniversary Edition

Super Sentai 45th Anniversary All Red Ranger

In my latest top 10, I'll be sharing my favorite red rangers in Super Sentai!

Throughout its history, red rangers have been an integral part of any sentai team. Red has always been one of the most consistent colors that has appeared in every show, the other being blue.

While it's not always the case, the red rangers are, for the most part, the leaders of their respective teams, and most often, the central character as well.

For this list, all entries will appear in no particular order. Also, all entries must be in the MAIN red, meaning characters such as Time Fire or Houou Soldier. And as per usual, these are just my personal picks. So if your favorites are not in here, feel free to share them in the comments.

1. Shinken Red

Takeru Shiba is simply one of the best reds, if not the best. His characterization and development are simply amazing. And while Shinkenger usually centered on Takeru, he doesn't take away from the other Shinkengers, rather complementing them. He grows as a person through them, they grow into better samurai through him. And he's also one of my all-time favorite swordsmen.

2. Zyuoh Eagle

Yamato Kazakiri is a very well-balanced character. He's not overly hot-blooded, as most modern reds tend to be, but when he unleashes his fury, villains beware. Personally, I think Yamato is the best part of Zyuohger. Maybe it's just me, or the other Zyuohgers are just so poorly written, that Yamato simply became the best. But either way, he's still good. Even in his return in Super Sentai Strongest Battle, he ends up leading a ragtag team, even when Capt. Marvelous, the most senior member, was around. He's just that good at keeping a team together. And speaking of Marvelous, even with his ability to use other sentais' powers, he stood no chance against Yamato.

3. Red Turbo

Riki Honoo led the first team of "teenagers with attitude". All of Riki's predecessors were matured leaders, a young leader was a refreshing idea. He would also set some sort of a template for other teenage reds such as Mega Red.

4. Ryusou Red

Koh valued his friends as much as he values his duty to protect everyone. He has a sense of positivity and optimism, and a hint of child-like innocence. But when in battle, he's a formidable swordsman, thanks to his knightly training, making him one of my favorite swordsmen as well.

5. Lupin Red

Kairi Yano is not your typical hero. In fact, he's more of an anti-hero, which makes him very interesting to me. He acts like a jerk most of the time, but it simply hides the fact that he's a broken man. Kairi is always haunted not only by the fact that he lost his brother, Kairi lost his brother while bearing some sort of resentment stemming from his inferiority complex. Kairi became Lupin Red in order to bring his brother back, primarily. But he also fights to prevent anyone from suffering the same fate as he did. After the series, Kairi used his phantom thief abilities and became a private investigator.

 6. Gokai Red

Captain Marvelous first comes off as a brash, arrogant space pirate who was simply concerned about finding treasure by any means necessary, regardless of risk. But after meeting AkaRed and being entrusted the powers of Super Sentai, he travels to Earth with his crew of random strangers he met along the way. Marvelous meets Sentai legends to learn the true meaning of their powers. Despite not having changed much even after defeating the Zangyack army, Marvelous definitely has learned what it means to be a Sentai hero.

7. Bouken Red

Satoru Akashi evokes the no-nonsense leaders of the Showa era, that had become quite nostalgic at that point, considering that most of his more modern predecessors tend to be too hot-blooded, loud, and tend to go head first into action. Satoru is very tactical and knows how to take advantage of his teammates' abilities to execute a successful mission. Not to mention, he is also an expert combatant. Perhaps the spirit of adventure that burns in his heart drives him to become the best at what he does.

8. Red Falcon

Yuusuke Amamiya faced a huge tragedy when he saw friends die at the hands of those who wished to throw away their humanity just for power. Yuusuke, Jo, and Megumi vowed to use the research left by their deceased friends to protect all life by becoming Livemen. And in my top 10 swordsmen list, Yuusuke shared a valuable lesson to Gaku/Gao Yellow about the true meaning of swordsmanship. "The sharpest sword is one that feeds of courage" is still a quote I live by until this day.

9. Dekared

The leader of the team that got me back into tokusatsu, Banban Akaza is one of my all-time favorite reds. He's firey as his color designation, and definitely never gives up in any fight. In his heart burns a heart of justice that will never allow any villain to escape. Despite my bias for swords, Dekared is one of my favorite gunmen, combining dual-wielding his D-Magnums and hand-to-hand combat. However, in times when he wields the D-Sword Vega, he does so expertly does so, making him an honorary part of my favorite swordsmen.

10. Akaranger

You gotta give respect to the man who started it all. Tsuyoshi Kaijo was a member of EAGLE, a military force specifically formed to counter the Black Cross Army, a terrorist group that uses science to create monstrous super soldiers. When an attack from the Black Cross Army led to the death of his older brother, Tsuyoshi swore revenge and became the first to don a specialized suit that gave him and his team superhuman abilities to fight for justice.

Special Mentions:
Red Mask
Time Red
Five Red
Vul Eagle 2
Spade Ace

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  1. What about Zenkaiser, Kiramei Red and Patran 1-gou?

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