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New characters and plot for the Metsubou Jinrai spin-off announced

The new characters/actors that will appear in the Metsuboujinrai spin-off, as well as its plot are finally revealed!

The new cast with their roles are as follows (in order of appearance in the photo):

Yui Narumi - Sold 20, a military humagear
Ken Sugawara - Sold 9, also a military humagear
Jai West - Leon Arcland, ZAIA CEO
Kazuyuki Aijima - Shigeru Daimonji, the Defense Secretary who has negative opinions on humagears

Ryutaro Okada, Hiroe Igeta, Nachi Sakuragi, and Noa Tsurushima also return to reprise their old roles, albeit Noa returns as Azu.


Jin is kidnapped by ZAIA, the other members of come to rescue him. However, they are faced with a challenge in the form of Sold 9 and Sold 20, humagears specifically built for military purposes. Their creator, ZAIA CEO Leon Arcland, plans to mass produce these new models with the end goal of world domination.

Fun fact:

Jai West starred in the 2005 movie "Hazard" with Kamen Rider Kuuga Joe Odagiri. He also became "The Chairman" of Iron Chef Canada in 2018, with his American counterpart being Mark Dacascos, Eubulon/Advent Master in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Kamen Rider Zero-One V-Cinema: Metsuboujinrai will be released on March 26, 2021, with a limited time screening at Shinjuku Ward 9 and selected theaters, and the DVD/Blu-ray to be released on July 14.

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