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Tokusatsu Actor Masashi Taniguchi Expresses Interest For An Ultraman Series

Kamen Rider Amazons Alpha

Recently, it was announced that Takeshi Tsuruno will be performing the opening theme for Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger where he said that he also wants to perform a Kamen Rider opening theme. A fan-favorite actor also tweeted a response!

After Tsuruno was congratulated by Kamen Rider Agito star Toshiki Kashu after saying "I only have Rider left, can you do something about it?" Veteran tokusatsu actor Mashashi Taniguchi also responded "Sorry to interrupt you. I also have Ultraman left. Can you do something about it?".

I would personally like to see Mashashi become a human host for another anti-hero or evil Ultraman as he recently portrayed the role of Kamen Rider Falchion in the Kamen Rider Saber Short Film

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