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Tsuyoshi Nonaka Unveils The Super Mode Of Toei Metal Spirit

What if there was more than what we have seen in the metal hero series? What if super modes were available for all that time? Toei's top Bandai designer has unveiled those possibilities in his Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit!

Jikuu Senshi Spielvan - Instead of having the same suit as Diana's, Helen will be equipping an all-new version of the Hellvira suit know as Super Helen Lady. 

Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya - Besides his Power Protector, the mecha known as Jiraishin will power him up into Jiraiya Version 3.

Perfect Jiban.

Tokkei Winspector - Ryoma will have an all-new set of weapons that will upgrade him into Absolute Fire. It would be nice if we could see this in the 3rd Space Squad movie.

Mobile Detective Janperson - The android law enforcer will transform into his Full Burst mode. WOuld have been cool if this was in the series.

Blue Swat - Besides the silver-colored hyper mode for their leader, all of them will have a gold version of the hyper mode, complete with Drum Gunners, while Gold Platinum will also get his super mode. 

B-Fighter series - Takuya will not be the only one who will be blessed with a super mode. His buddies, Mai and Daisaku, even his rival, Shadow will get super modes. As for their successors, their Neo Beet Machines will combine with Kabuterous to for Super Kabuterous.

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3 Responses
  1. BC21 Says:

    Toei needs to bring back Metal Heroes!!! We need a Trio Feat. in Super Hero Time!!!

  2. May i ask where was this published? I'd like to purchase the eventual magazine/book

  3. Can you guys, please post the link for the book? I'm interested on getting it.

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