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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger - 6th Ranger Information Leaked

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

Once again, the 45th season hasn't even aired yet but, information regarding the 6th ranger has been leaked, and it seems that this new guy has a familiar pirate motif. 

According to the information that was leaked from the 2nd quarter Kikai Sentai Gokaiger toy catalog, the 6th ranger is called TwoKaiser. He will transform into his ranger form using the Kaizoku Henshin Juu Geardaringer and the #35 Twokaiser Gear that houses the Gokaiger's powers. He will have 2 modes, the Ohran, and Shinken form, which uses the Ohranger and Shinkenger Sentai Gears. These are stored in the Twokai Buckle. 

As for his mechas, they will be composed of Senkan Crocodaioh, Twokairikki (based on Ohranger Robo), and TwoKaikattanar (based on Shinkenoh). It will also have six modes including Twokaioh, a fighter jet, bike, and fort mode. 

For now, let's regard this as a rumor and always take this with a grain of salt until official confirmation or sources comes out.

Source: Rangerboard

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