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My Top 10 Couples/Ships (Kamen Rider)

While romantic relationships are not the focus of most tokusatsu shows, when pulled off successfully, they can add a really nice touch.

In celebration of Valentines' Day, here are my top 10 couples/ships from the Kamen Rider franchise.

For this list, I'm putting pairs that actually became couples, couples from their first appearance, and pairs that I believe go well together.

All entries come in no particular order, and if you have your own top couples that are not in the list, feel free to share them in the comments.

1. Haruto and Koyomi (KR Wizard)

Haruto and Koyomi are practically together all the time. He also fought to protect her despite Koyomi being technically a doll, and the original actually died. But Haruto swears to find a way to bring her back.

2. Ryuga and Yui (KR Cross-Z)

Yui resented Ryuga for not saving her back in the old world. But Ryuga showed her that he learned how to be a hero by saving her from Kilvas. Afterwards, Yui gave Ryuga a kiss on the cheek, making Sento feel a bit jealous.

3. Kazumi and Misora (KR Grease)

Misora was an internet idol, and Kazumi was a farmer who watched her streams. They technically were enemies, as Kazumi fought for Hokuto, and Misora was from Touto. But Kazumi and his friends eventually foulght alongside Sento. Kazumi sacrificed himself for Misora, but would get his happy ending in the new world.

4. Mutsuki and Nozomi (KR Blade)

Mutsuki and Nozomi were already Dating upon their introduction in the show. Nozomi never gave up on Mutsuki even if he was under Spider Undead's control, and was actually a big part of Mutsuki's return to being good.

5. Isamu and Yua (KR Zero One)

As partners in A.I.M.S., Isamu and Yua fought together many times. Even when ZAIA tore them apart, they actually are still concerned for one another, both learning how to accept Humagears, and what being a Kamen Rider means from each other. Just get married already, sheesh!

6. Takatora and Touka (KR Zangetsu)

Touka served the Kureshima family at a young age, becoming close to Takatora. However, it was revealed that Touka was one of the children raised by the Zawame Children's Nursery, whose experiments were led by Amagi Kureshima, Takatora's father. Touka sought revenge, but would tragically fail.

7. Shinji and Miho (KR Ryuki)

Miho was a con artist who used her femininity to get close to potential prey. She meets Shinji and learns that he's also a Kamen Rider like her, attempting to steal his deck so she can win the Rider Battle. Kamen Rider Ryuga will show up, however, injuring her fatally. She would die unable to tell Shinji how she truly felt.

8. Ryu and Akiko (KR W)

It all began when Ryu saved Akiko from an enemy Dopant, causing Akiko to develop a huge crush on Ryu. Akiko also helped Ryu leave the path of revenge. They would eventually get married, and have a daughter. And Ryu becomes a doting father.

9. Gentaro and Nadeshiko (KR Fourze)

When a girl suddenly falls from the sky, Gentaro would experience romance for the first time. Turns out, the girl, Nadeshiko, is also a Kamen Rider, and will soon learn that she's an alien. But Nadeshiko, would sacrifice herself so that Foundation X wouldn't use her for evil. Nadeshiko copied the form of a high school girl that Gentaro would eventually meet, perhaps becoming his new love.

10. Ryusei and Tomoko (KR Fourze)

The kung-fu badass and goth girl seems like a weird combination. But Ryusei and Tomoko made it work perfectly. Tomoko's ability to see through people's hearts allowed her to sense that Ryusei was hiding something from the Kamen Rider Club. But when the truth is out, and Ryusei becomes a true member, he and Tomoko grew close as well.

Special mentions:

Taiga and Nico (KR Ex-Aid)
Shinnosuke and Kiriko (KR Drive)
Yuusuke and Sakurako (KR Kuuga)
Eiji and Hina (KR OOO)
Keita and Yuka (KR 555)

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