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My Top 10 Super Sentai Heroines

Women have been important in Super Sentai teams (except Sun Vulcan). They usually serve as the voice of reason for the whole team, but are themselves fromidable warriors.

In today's top 10, I'm going to share my favorite women in Super Sentai.

For this list, I will consider the following:
-They must be an actual part of the team, not just mere allies. They should be able to transform and fight.
-Any "ranger-like" character will not be included, such as Mele from Gekiranger, and she was mostly a villain anyway.
-Any extra ranger such as Deka Swan, for example, can be considered (see first condition).

All entries on this list will come in no particular order, and as always, this purely subjective. So if your favorite heroine/heroines is/are not on this list, feel free to share them in the comments.

1. Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo

As she's already the one on this article's thumbnail, might as well put her first. As the student council president as well as the smartest in the whole campus, her looks simply complement everything else. As Pink Turbo, Haruna is also a very capable fighter. My favorite moments were when she saved Yohei/Blue Turbo by fakibg an amnesia and joining the enemy to get the antidote to save his life, and disguising as a bride, with Riki/Red Turbo as the groom, to  save misding women. Shipped those two since day one.

2. Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four (1)

Mika is the first female yellow ranger. And that milestone in sentai history deserves a lot of respect. Mika was the strong female in contrast to the more gentle Hikaru/Pink Five. Of course that doesn't mean that Hikaru can't be badass either. It's just sad that Mika had to be killed off, because her actress Yuki Yajima had left the show for undisclosed reasons.

3. Hammie/Chameleon Green

Hammie simply is adorable. Though she is the "Shinobi Star", I think she would've benefited from acting more like a shinobi, even with her bubbly nature. She did get more screen time in Space Squad, but more focus in the show would've beeen nice. Still, my favorite moment was when she became an idol.

4. Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer

Natsumi is the mechanic of Pegasus Garage who can fix and even disassemble anything in a snap. Even though she's the resident tomboy of the Carrangers, I still think she's hotter than Yoko/Pink Racer.

5. Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Dekayellow

As a trained police officer, Jasmine, as she's more commonly known to fans, is indeed proficient in combat. But her special ability of being able to read other people's memories by touching them or just even objects touched by others, is undoubtedly helpful in any investigation. I prefer Jasmine's more mature subtle personality than Umeko/Dekapink's chatty one.

6. Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow

Although her given name is Natsuki Mamiya, Bouken Yellow is actually Lilina, the princess of a ruined civilization called Lemuria, placed by her parents in a capsule 100,000 years ago in order to save her life. She was found by Masumi/Bouken Black, whl may have given her the name she's now using. Despite being shown as a ditz, her Lemurian blood allows her to see visons of the near future, which is very useful in avoiding life-threatening situations. Natsuki piloting the Ultimate Daibouken, almost crushing everyone, including the other Boukengers is a always a good laugh.

7. Umika Hayami/Lupin Yellow

I actually see Umika as the one who does her best to keep the Lupinrangers together, though she's often frustrated by Kairi suddenly skipping out on Jurer duties. Umika is also very flexible and agile, abilities which she definitely takes advantage of in combat and in thievery. Upon saving her best friend Shiho, Umika becomes the inspiration for the main character in Shiho's manga "Good Three", which would become a smash hit that would appear even in Ryusoulger and Kiramager. Also, Umika's character song is simply a masterpiece. Thank God for Morning Musume.

8. Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow

Chisato usually keeps Miku/Mega Pink in check given how childish she can be most of the time. And when Miku actually thinks that she's not fit to be a Megaranger, it was Chisato who managed to bring her back to her senses.

9. Kaoru Shiba/Shinkenred (Hime Shinkenred)

Revealed to be the true 18th head of the Shiba clan, Kaoru Shiba is also the true Shinkenred. This makes Kaoru technically the first and only female red in sentai history. Kaoru spent her life away from the rest of the team to perfect the Mojikara seal needed to defeat Doukoku. Despite appearing to be cold, Kaoru is actually very considerate. She clearly sees how upset the other Shinkengers were when she finally revealed herself, and understood that they are more attached to Takeru quickly enoungh. She also recognized Genta's abilities, and accepts him as vassal (though he's clearly more attached to Takeru). Also, given that she's a samurai, Kaoru is also adept in swordplay, which I love.

10. Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow

Luka Millfy is my favorite sentai heroine, period. She's almost as brash as Marvelous, greedy for gold and will kick Zangyack butt. Her fanservicey moments in the show are a bonus. See those episodes where she dressed as a maid, and when she switched bodies with Don. But other than those, Luka is definitely tough as nails, willing to eisk her life for treasure, almost as much as Marvelous. She just has a lot of charisma and charm as well.

Special mentions:

Sena Hayami/Kiramai Green
Kasumi Momochi/Momoninger
Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin
Kazumi Hoshikawa/Five Pink
Yuri/Time Pink

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