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The New Green Ranger Is Unmasked In Mighty Morphin's 4th Issue

The New Green Ranger

The 4th issue of Boom!'s Mighty Morphin' has finally revealed the identity of the new green ranger, and it's not who you think it is! Before you proceed, take note that this will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

And yes, the new green ranger is not Lord Drakkon! It is revealed the this new member of the team is actually Matthew Cook (first introduced in Go Go Power Rangers #1 in 2017), who was one of the team's closest friends.

Matthew was once kidnapped by Rita and was traumatized by that event. Eventually, he managed to escape his captors and returned to earth safely where he also discovered the ranger identities of his friends and wanted to join them but was not given the chance to do so. Later, he became the new Green Ranger and saved them from Lord Zedd's Dark Rangers. 

Source: Comicbook   

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