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Zenkaiger Movie Guest Characters announced

Zenkaiger's official Twitter formally announces the guest stars with clearer photos!

Starting off with the villains, most of them are classics who will be returning for this movie.

Kei Hosogai and Jingi Irie will return as Basco Ta Jolokia and Zamigo Delma, respectively. They will also play their human guises.

Megumi Han and Nobutoshi Canna will return to voice Kyuuemon/Kibaoni Shingetsu and Bangray, respectively.

Basco Ta Jolokia and Zamigo Delma in human forms.

Bangray and Kyuemon

Leading the villains will be Super Bad Guy World, who looks like an amalgamation of various Sentai villains. He will be voiced by Tomokazu Seki.

Super Bad Guy World

Moving on to the allies, as previously posted, Daijiro Kawaoka and Marie Kai will portray Kaito's parents, Isao and Mitsuko Goshikida.

And to top off the cast, Naoya Makoto will return as Tsuyoshi Kaijo, aka Akaranger! Not only will he voice his character, but will also appear out of suit, to give Kaito the power to become Zenkaiser!

Isao and Mitsuko Goshikida, with Secchan

Tsuyoshi Kaijo, aka Akaranger

Zenkaiger the movie will come out on February 20, 2021, as part of the Super Sentai Movie Party, alongside the Kiramager and Ryusoulger movies.

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