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First Episode For Power Rangers: Bloodline Of The Grid Streamed

Power Rangers: Bloodline Of The Grid

Nerdbot's official youtube channel has released the first episode of Power Rangers: Bloodline of the Grid which stars Christoper Khayman Lee as Andros, the former Red Space Ranger, and Justin Nimmo as Commander Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger.

"Christopher Khayman Lee is back as Andros in Power Rangers: Bloodline of the Grid! Set several years after the Countdown to Destruction, the once-revered hero faces impossible odds as he fights to restore the all-powerful energy source known as the Grid. Watch the story of the sequel to Power Rangers: In Space unfold with old & new characters alike, including many returning legendary Rangers. Hail to the Red Raiders!"

Power Rangers: Bloodline of the Grid is written by Christopher Khayman Lee and DJ Rivers (also the director) Also joining the cast is DJ Rivers as TK Johnson, Colin K. Bass as R1 Omega, Jordan Munn as Nova, and David Fielding narrating the story. 

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