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Live-action Gundam Build Real Series Announced For March 2021

Gundam Build Real

It was announced by Bandai Spirits that a live-action series in the tradition of Gundam Build Fighters is coming to the end of March! Check-out the teaser trailer, story, and characters after the break!

The story:

"In the heyday of e-sports, “Gunpla Battle” is leading the way in popularity. By scanning their own gunpla and controlling a life-size Gundam projection, they aim to win the national championship. Hiro is the pilot, Takumi is the builder, Kentaro is the programmer, Taichi is the commander, and Sota is the armorer. A variety of crises await these adolescents. Farewells from their friends and conflicts with rival teams. This is a coming-of-age ensemble drama about high school students who gradually grow up with dreams and friendship in their hearts through Gunpla battles."

Hiro Suzuki (Ryutaro Yamasaki) - The short-tempered, 1st-year high school pilot of Team Bright.

Takumi Shimizu (Toya Nijima) - 1st-year high school student and team Bright's resident Gunpla builder.

Kentaro Nirita (Kazuki Otomo) - The intelligent but cynical programmer of team Bright.

Taichi Nakamaru (Ginga Kikuchi) - 1st-year high school jerk and rich kid member of team Bright whose father owns the team's base.

Sota Matsumoto (Raizo Ishikawa) - Team Bright's Gunpla armorer who is good at customizing.

As for the Gunplas that we will be seeing in the series, team bright will be using the legendary RX-78-2 Gundam, while team Monstrous will be using the iconic red comet's Zaku-II.

Written by Naoya Yamauchi and Yuwa Tanaka (who also serves as the director). Gundam Build Real will premiere in the official Gundam youtube channel this March 29, 2021.

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