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Toei announces the Sword of Logos Saga

Kamen Rider Saber Blu-Ray collection 1 includes a story of what happened 15 years before the show, and we're introduced to new characters!

The Sword of Logos Saga shows us a more about the events that led to the battle between the Sword of Logos and the Megiddo 15 years ago. We also see the return of the previous Saber, Blades, and Calibur.

And speaking of previous riders, we now meet the previous weilders of Espada and Kenzan!

Kazuaki Ishii is the previous Espada.

Erena Mizusawa is the previous Kenzan.

Kamen Rider Saber Blu-Ray and Collection 1 will be on sale on May 12, 2021, priced at 26,400 Yen.

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