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Ultraman Trigger - New Team, Items & Monsters Trademarked & Registered By Tsuburaya

Ultraman Trigger TDG

And we are almost nearing the debut of the newest Ultra hero as Tsuburaya recently trademarked new merchandise which is related to Ultraman Trigger.

And here's what was registered by Tsuburaya:

  • GUTS-SELECT - Possible new monster attack team which is connected to TPC's GUTS and SUPER GUTS.
  • GUTS Falcon - Possible fighter vehicle for GUTS-SELECT.
  • GUTS Spark Lens - Possible transformation item.
  • Guts Hyper Key - Possible collectible for this year.

As for the monsters and aliens, they consist of OkaGubila, Karumira, Goruba, Circle Arms, Satan Deros, Daagon, Desudorago, Nurse Dessey-gou, Hyudoramu, Alien Metron Maruuru. A possible rival for Trigger was also registered and his name is Trigger Dark.

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