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V6 announces disbandment


Pop group V6 announces disbandment after 25 years.

The announcement was made on March 12, 2021.

The group denies any allegations that mention the members being on bad terms with each other. They did confirm however that they are also not as close to each other as fans would have expected.

The group however explained that as all the members are now in their 40's, they had to rethink their lives going forward.

V6 will officially disband on November 1, 2021. Member Go Morita is also set to leave their agency, Johnny's and Associates, after the break-up to pursue a solo career.

Go Morita

V6 is known for such songs as "Take Me Higher", the theme song of Ultraman Tiga, which also featured member Hiroshi Nagano in the lead role as Daigo Madoka, and "Change the World", the first opening song of Inu Yasha.

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