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Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents Special Trailer & Plot

Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents

Guess who's back! The god of memes himself! And this time, he enters the world of Kamen Rider Zero-One! Check out the trailer and plot for the Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents 2-part special!

After ZAIA Enterprise Japan has disappeared, Gai Amatsu (Nachi Sakuragi) decides to put up his own company with the help of his HumaGear secretary, Rin (Myra Meadows). And suddenly, from out of his body, the long-dead Dan Kuroto(Tetsuya Iwanaga), a Bugstar virus who is revived by the Ark and infected Gai, appears! Gai transforms into Kamen Rider Thouser to fight him but to his shock, his armor is now in black color!

Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents will premiere on April 11 and will conclude on the 18th via the Toei Tokusatsu Fanclub. 

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