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Kamen Rider Saber - Enter Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki & Kamen Rider Durandal

Kamen Rider Saber

And the latest Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine scan for Kamen Rider Saber is finally here featuring Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki and Kamen Rider Durandal!

Here we have Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki. Rintaro can access this new form by using the power of the Tategami Hyoujuu Senki Wonder Ride Book in which houses the power of the Northern base. 

Ryoga Shindai, the elder brother of Reika Shindai transforms into Kamen Rider Durandal by using the power of the Ocean History Wonder Ride Book, and his weapon is the Jikukoken Kaiji. 

Also this month of April, Touma and Rintaro will fight for the last time to settle their differences and become friends once again as they face off with Neko Megid. We will also see Master Logos fight the riders without even transforming!

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