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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger - Dairanger Actor Ei Hamura Explains Why Dairenoh Is Not Shown On Upcoming Episode


Ever wondered why Gosei Sentai Dairanger's Dairenoh will not make an appearance when StaCeasar summons the legend Super Sentai mechas, and instead, we get Ryuseioh? Read this one after the break.

According to Ei Hamura (who portrayed the role of Shoji/Tenmaranger from Goesei Sentai Dairanger), he was recently asked by a fan in his Twitter account and this was his answer.

"Is that so? I received a question earlier: "Why did Dairenoh not come out?" To answer the question: This is because Dairenoh is so strong. And also, the other four bodies (plus one body) can only be called by those people who are capricious and have a strong will. You also need to use the round jewel to call them. That's all. Today's class is over with the expectation he (DAIRENOH) will show up soon."

If you can still remember, Ryuseioh also appeared as the main robot when the Gokaiger and Go-Busters used ranger keys to transform into past mechas in their team-up movie. This could mean that Ryuseioh is really the Dairanger's main mecha.

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