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Twokaiser Leaked

Leaked photos show us what Twokaiser is possibly going to look like!

The photos show us Twokaiser toys which tell us how Twokaiser's appearance could be!

Note: While the photos show that they are posted on Toys R Us Japan's website, we personally tried looking for news regarding Twokaiser, but cannot find anything yet. While they look realistic enough, we cannot fully claim that these are authentic.

Change Heroes Series Twokaiser

DX Geardaringer (based on Gokai Darin), a red Zenkai Buckle, and Sentai Gears for Twokaiser (based on Gokaiger), Ohranger, and Shinkenger, which have Ohranger Robo and Shinkenoh instead of Ohred and Shinkenred as the icons.


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