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Ultraman Trigger Info unveiled

Introducing the successor to Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Trigger!


Trigger and Tiga

Kengo Manaka, a young botanist living on Mars accidentaly unseals an ancient evil! Giant monsters appear, and Kengo's life is endangered. However, he also awakens a giant of light, and they join forces to fight evil. And thus, Ultraman Trigger is born!

Kengo Manaka, a botanist, and later, member of GUTS-SELECT, host of Ultraman Trigger

Kengo transforms using the GUTS Spark Lens, a weapon recreated by GUTS-SELECT, the latest successor to the GUTS family. It is normally in Hyper Gun mode, but using Hyper Keys, it turns into the transformation device that will allow Kengo to become Ultraman Trigger!

GUTS Spark Lens Hyper Gun, Lens mode, and Hyper Keys

Ultraman Trigger will use multiple forms in the same fashion as Ultraman Tiga, and is equipped with the Circle Arms, a weapon that also transforms according to Trigger's form!

Left to right: Ultraman Trigger Multi Type with Circle Arms Sword, Power Type with Circle Arms Claw, and Sky type

Kengo Manaka will be portrayed by Raiga Terasaka, member of idol group Matsuri Nine.

Ultraman Trigger will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto.

Ultraman Trigger will premiere on July 10, 2021, 9am on TV Tokyo.

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