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Ultraman Trigger - Shunya Kaneko Added To Cast

Ultraman Trigger - Shunya Kaneko Added To Cast

The official Tsuburaya website has announced that Japanese actor Shunya Kaneko has joined the cast of Ultraman Trigger as GUTS Select engineer Akito Hajiri.

Here's the description of his character:

"Akito is the team member in charge of development at GUTS-Select, a team of experts that responds to monster attacks. Possessed of genius-level intelligence, Akito designed and developed the GUTS Sparklence, Kengo’s transformation item, along with the GUTS Hyper Keys and various other gadgets and vehicles used by GUTS-Select. Valued for his uncommon talents by the chairman of the Sizuma Foundation, Mitsukuni, Akito works as a genius engineer while attending the same high school as Mitsukuni’s daughter, Yuna, who he grew up with and has a slight crush on."

Ultraman Trigger is set to premiere this July 10, 2021, and will be directed by action director Koichi Sakamoto.

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