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Chosoku Parahero Gandine Gears & Kaiju Information Released

Chosoku Parahero Gandine Gears & Kaiju Information Released

Here is the additional information that we need to know regarding the upcoming tokusatsu drama series, Chosoku Parahero Gandine.

To transform into his superhero form, Daishi will use the Mode Shifter, a transformation item powered by the user's ambition. 

As for his super machine, Gandine will use the Hyper Wheel. It has 2 units consisting of the wheelchair rugby and the one that is designed for racing.

Lastly, the kaiju for this series is a 12-foot tall monster called Lagert. A monster that was sent to earth by the Eltron tribe. 

Chosoku Parahero Gandine is written by Yukiko Manaba and Hirotoshi Kobayashi and will be directed by Takanori Tsujimoto with character designs by Shinij Nishikawa. The series will air on June 26, July 3, and 10.

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