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Chosoku Parahero Gandine Tokusatsu Drama Series Announced

Chosoku Parahero Gandine Tokusatsu Drama Series Announced

Are you ready for an all-new breed of tokusatsu superhero? Because NHK announced their upcoming tokusatsu drama series featuring the first paraplegic superhero entitled Chosoku (Super Speed) Parahero Gandine!

Here's the story:

"Daishi Morimiya is a high school student who aims to become a top athlete in wheelchair track and field. Former track and field athlete, Kyo Fukai takes on the role of coach with such aspirations. Surrounded by his father, Gen Morimiya, a childhood friend, Rio Seino, and a trio of employees at the town factory run by Gen, he and Kyo are eager to train for an upcoming race.
Then one day, a mysterious object (actually, a spaceship escape pod) falls from the sky with a roaring sound. Inside is a handsome alien named Goo. Yet, following after him is the giant monster Lagert, which appears to attack the town, and factory. Goo gives Daishi the Mode Shifter which begins to emit light and wraps his body in it. The result is Daishi transforms into the superhero “Gandine,” and he rushes to defeat the monster!"

Daishi Morimiya (So Okuno of Kamen Rider ZI-O) - Our main hero. He is a 17-year old high school student who was involved in a car accident that made him into a paraplegic. He also dreams of becoming an astronaut one day. 

Mika Kei (Fuka Koshiba of Tokusatsu GaGaGa) - Daishi's coach who works for the Asahi Sports University.

Gen Morimiya (Takeshi Tsuruno of Ultraman Dyna) - Daishi's father who works at Moriyama Motors and is currently developing an experimental space rocket for his son.

Phos/Goo (Karasu Hayashi of Ultraman Z) - An alien from the planet Alert who will give Daishi the power to transform into Gandine.

Seina Riyo (Mori Nakamura) - Daishi's childhood friend who often visits to cook food, who is a good one, for him

Sakamoto Motou (Was Sohkoh) - Daishi's teacher and his father's friend who persuaded the young man to joy the wheelchair racing.

Miki Akagi (Sachiko Aoyama), Yuya Wakabayashi (Taketo Kubota), Momen (Breeze) - The three-person group that will develop the Hyper Wheel that Gandine uses.

Chosoku Parahero Gandine is written by Yukiko Manaba and Hirotoshi Kobayashi and will be directed by Takanori Tsujimoto with character designs by Shinij Nishikawa. The series will air on June 26, July 3, and 10.

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