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JEFusion Idol Talk - SKE48's Yuki Arai makes pro-wrestling debut

SKE48 member Yuki Arai is about to step into a wrestling ring!

The 24-year old idol will take part in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, an all-female wrestling promotion.

Yuki's debut will be a tag team match where she will team up with Miu Watanabe, against Maki Ito and Arisu Endo.

The said match will take place on May 4, 2021 at the Korakuen Hall.

While this is Yuki's debut match, she's not the first SKE48 member to set foot in the ring. In 2017, a few selected members such as Jurina Matsui, Akari Suda, and Akane Takayanagi wretsled for the AKB48 Group drama series "Tofu Pro Wrestling".

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