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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 12 Title & Description

This Sunday on the 12th episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Twokaiser will finally give Twokaioh its showy debut. And StayCaesar will also debut his Battle Caesar Robo!

Episode 12 "The super slowed snail's shell is too tough" 5/23/21

"A crowd of children flock in the direction of Juran and Magine as they yell "Zenkaiger! Zenkaiger!" in excitement! As they both turn to greet them Juran quickly notices these cheers aren't for them, but for Twokaizer instead! Juran is perturbed at this event and Magine is shocked as she suddenly faints! Their wallowing however is soon quickly interrupted by an attack on the city by Snail World! 

In the meantime, a giant mecha is being constructed at Tojitendo Palace under the supervision and command of Ijirude! A snail with an iron defense and a giant robot that glows black-purple! Just when the Zenkaigers are up against the wall, that unique family reappears once again in showy fashion!!"

Source: SpeciaForm12

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