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New Superhero Team Produced By Seiji Takaiwa Announced

It was announced that Seiji Takaiwa, who is widely known as Mr. Kamen Rider, will bring us a new breed of superhero team: Phoenix Fist Widenger!

This new superhero team, which is produced by Takaiwa himself, is inspired by Super Sentai and is loosely based on "Journey To The West" and stars Seiji's action performance team, T.A.W. (Taikawa Action Widen). 

The series is written by Takao Nakano (Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb), music by Koichi Terasawa RIDER CHIPS, directed by Bueno (Gun Caliber, Strega) with production assistance by Garage Hero.

Phoenix Fist Widenger will premier on T.A.W.'s official youtube channel this summer of 2021.

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