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Ultraman Trigger - Meiku Harukawa Added To Cast Plus Guts Falcon Info

Ultraman Trigger - Meiku Harukawa Added To Cast Plus Guts Falcon Info

The official Tsuburaya website has announced a new addition to the ever-growing cast of Ultraman Trigger and this time, Meiku Harukawa enters as the GUTS Select operation specialist Himari Nanase plus learn more about the GUTS Falcon! 

Here's the official profile description for Himari Nanase:

"An operations specialist who controls the combat mech, GUTS Falcon. A cool beauty who looks great in glasses, she is always calm and collected. A woman of few words, she gets on with her tasks silently with a look of indifference. However, the moment she sits in the control chair of the GUTS Falcon and dons her VR goggles her personality drastically changes, and we see a glimpse of a passionate fire that is the opposite of her day-to-day persona."

Lastly, here's what we need to know about the GUTS Falcon:

"A combat mech docked aboard the mobile mothership of expert team GUTS-Select, the Nursedessei. Himari, who holds the title of “Falcon Specialist”, pilots it remotely from the Nursedessei’s bridge. It is a specialist convertible mech with two forms; the “flight mode” is its standard aircraft form for flying quickly to the field, and the chassis converts into “hyper mode” for combat against monsters low in the air or on-land."

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