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Dino Fury Episode 12 PREVIEW! Debuting on Netflix? | Void Knight/Amelia Theory | 10 Gokaiger Teaser + More

Join us LIVE Every Saturday @ 12pm CST! We tackle the following topics this week: 0:00 Intro/ShoutOuts 7:02 Dino Fury Episode 9 - 11 RECAP 40:10 Void Knight / Amelia Parents Theory Discussion 48:10 Dino Fury Episode 12 PREVIEW!? 1:11:45 Power Rangers Issue #8 PREVIEW 1:16:25 Zenkaiger Plush Toys 1:18:30 Gokaiger 10 Years After Movie ANNOUNCED 1:29:50 Ultraman Trigger 6 Min PREVIEW Released 1:38:50 LIVE VIEWER QUESTIONS/Outro

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