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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 38 Title & Description

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 38 Title & Description

This Sunday on the 38th episode of Kamen Rider Saber, Touma finally acquires the power to match master Logos' as he transforms into Kamen Rider Xross Saber! 

Episode 38 "Unifier of swords, the galactic saber" 6/6/21

"Touma was able to save Kento's life, however the price they had to pay was too great, as the tomes that emerged in the sky all over the world are still intact, accelerating the collapse of the world! The swordsmen look upon this calamity from various perspectives. The Northern-based swordsmen can tell what Touma is thinking as they urge him to seek out Kento as they confront Master Logos determined to give their all for the cause!

​While Rintaro and the others fight against Master Logos, Touma finds Kento and hands him Ikazuchi, the Sword of Lightning, once again. Despite this, however, Kento refuses to wield the sword... It is just then when Bacht appears before the others once again! The collapse of the world is reaching its climax now more than before!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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