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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 16 Title & Description

How can you manage to fight if your body turns into a walking magnet? Find out how Kaito and the gang will fix this problem this Sunday!

Episode 16 "Where's the limit of the magnet's magnetism?" 6/20/21

"Juran and Kaito stop by Tar's Kikai Takoyaki restaurant, and over some small talk, the plates from the takoyaki machine suddenly stick to Juran! What is going on this time?! The Zenkaigers confront Magnet World, the cause of the chaos, but escapes utilizing some nearby steel frames! 

When they finally got back to the store after a long day, they were immediately met by Stacy! Why is he here? Reconnaissance? Vacation? Or is he lost? Everyone's confusion doesn't stop, and the increase in magnetic forces doesn't stop either!! At this rate, the store is going to go under! The Zenkaigers make a desperate attempt to run as far away as they can, towards the outskirts of the range where objects can no longer reach them...!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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