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Kamen Rider Revice - Meet the cast!

TV Asahi and Toei open the offficial website and Twitter for Kamen Rider Revice, and we are also introduced to the cast!

Kentaro Maeda lands his first lead role, as Kazuki Igarashi, the man who'll transform into Kamen Rider Revi!

While Kazuki serves as the main character, we also meet Vice, a demon who makes a contract with Kazuki, giving him his powers. But besides that, he'll  also transform into Kamen Rider Vice! Subaru Kimura will voice Vice. Subaru was also the voice of the Seiza Blaster in Kyuranger!

Supporting cast will include Wataru Hyuuga as Daiji Igarashi, Kazuki's younger brother, Ayaka Imoto as Sakura Igarashi, Kazuki's younger sister, Naritaka Hamao as George Karisaki, the inventor of the Rider System, And Hayata Seki as Orteca, the leader of DEADMANS, which appears to be the primary antagonist.

As for the staff, Hanta Kinoshita will be the head writer, music by Kotaro Nakagawa, Jun Watanabe as stunt director, SFX directed by Hiroshi Butsuda, and directed by Takayuki Shibasaki.

Alongside Superhero Senki, Revice will have a 23-minute prequel movie, likely showing us their origins.

A press conference will also be held on  July 27, 2021, which will also be streamed online.

Official website:


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