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Kamen Rider Revice Presscon Highlights

Kamen Rider Revice just held its online press conference! Here are some highlights, mainly introducing the main cast, and the theme song for the show!

In contrast to past press conferences, Kamen Rider Revice's is held not on a stage, but in a studio that will actually be used as a set!

Now let's meet the cast!

Kentaro Maeda as Ikki Igarashi/Kamen Rider Revi. He also runs a bath house called Shiawase Yu.

Subaru Kimura (voice) as Vice/Kamen Rider Vice.

Wataru Hyuga as Daiji Igarashi, Ikki's younger brother. From the logo on his uniform, it looks like he'll be working for FENEX as well.

Ayaka Imoto as Sakura Igarashi, Ikki's younger sister.

Noritaka Hamao as George Karisaki, member of secret organization FENEX, and inventor of the Rider System.

Kurara Emi as Yukimi Igarashi, Ikki's Mother.

Shigeyuki Totsugi as Genta Igarashi, Ikki's father, and a content creator on a video uploading site.

Yui Asakura as Aguilera, leader of DEADMANS.

Hayata Seki as Ortega, Aguilera's right hand man.

Kurodo Hachijouin as Julio, Aguilera's bodyguard.

Pop group Da-iCE will collaborate with Subaru Kimura for the theme song entitled "liveDevil". Da-iCE will will provide vocals, while Subaru will rap. Da-iCE is known for hits such as "Citrus", which was used for the live-action Gokushufudo/Way of the House Husband.

TV Asahi has also opened their cast page. Check it out here:

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