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Kamen Rider Revice - Series Plot Revealed

Kamen Rider Revice - Series Plot Revealed

Now that we have met the primary cast for the upcoming Kamen Rider Revice TV series, it's time we know what's going on about this new guy!

And here's what we need to know about the series:

"A new evil-worshipping organization called Dead Man made their presence felt. The organization uses items called the Vice-Stamps. These Stamps will unleash the devil inside a chosen person/victim and they are called Deadmen. 

To battle this new threat and protect his loved ones, a young man named Ikki Igarashi forms a contract with a Devil named Vice which gives him the power to transform into Kamen Rider Revi, while Vice transforms into Kamen Rider Vice.

Are you excited about this upcoming new Kamen Rider series? Drop all your thoughts about this down in the comments section!

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