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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 44 Title & Description

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 44 Title & Description

The final page of fate has been opened! This will be the beginning of the final battle! Will the Logos swordsmen win?

Episode 44 "The last page has been opened" 8/1/21

"Storius has combined the powers from Legeiel, Zooous, Master Logos, and Tassel into the body of Charybdis, creating a new and mysterious tome! Its final page has now finally been opened! After Tassel's death, the Wonder World began to collapse, leading Touma to use his power to stop the sudden disintegration! However, thanks to Storius' new surge in power, Touma's abilities aren't strong enough to contain the Wonder World's collapse as the expansion continues once again! 

Furthermore, an ancient resurrection from deep underground has raised the forms of the four Sages who forged the Sacred Swords and rule over the Sword of Logos alongside Master Logos! At long last, the final battle over Storius' control of both worlds, the destiny of the four Sages, and the legendary swordsman is about to begin!"

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