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Kiramager's Nashiko Momotsuki and Lupinranger's Haruka Kudo team up for horror movie

Kiramager's Nashiko Momotsuki and Lupinranger's Haruka Kudo star in "Welcome to Toei Slaughter House"!

The movie tells the story of Saki (Nashiko), Kaho, and Mei (Haruka), members of a poorly-selling idol group called "Wish". They are offered the chance to be part of a movie entitled "Yugami", by the film's director, Yamamoto. The 3 girls arrive at a Toei studio for the shoot, but they start uncovering a dark mystery...

Also part of the main cast is gravure idol Rio Teramoto as Kaho, another member of Wish. This is her first work with Toei.

Welcome to Toei Slaughter House is now streaming on Toei's Xstream46, Toei Tokusatsu Fans Club, Telasa, Google Movies, Youtube (paid), and other streaming sites.


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