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Koichi Sakamoto Reveals Ultraman Trigger Details

Koichi Sakamoto Reveals Ultraman Trigger Details

Loved the premiere episode of Ultraman Trigger? Because we all did! Then prepare to pull the trigger once again as series director Koichi Sakamoto has dropped more details about the series!

All of this additional information was handed out by the god of tokusatsu legs during an interview and here are all of them.

  • Ultraman Trigger is NOT a sequel or reboot of Ultraman Tiga. This is a brand new work that is based on Tiga to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

  • Ultraman Z will not be the only ultra hero that Trigger will team up with. More Ultraman will also appear in the series!

  • The Circle Arms is not just a weapon. It will have a part in the main story. 

Koichi Sakamoto also said that besides Trigger not being a sequel or reboot, he wants the new generation of fans who don't know about Tiga to know about Tiga. Looks like Trigger is heading for big things.

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