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Types of Senior Men That Japanese Women Fantasize About in Manga & Real Life

It might seem that women are only interested in young men, but they definitely have a thing for older men when it comes to Japanese women. If you’ve ever read any manga or seen any anime, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “senpai”, and for Japanese women being their senior is a huge turn-on.

But the only criteria for scoring a hot Japanese babe isn’t just that you are a senior man; several other things come into play. So let’s see what types of senior men women fantasize about, both in manga and anime and real life.

On Dating Sites, You Can Meet Different Types of Men.

It may sound quite obvious; however, it’s the thing one should always remember. If there’s one place for older men and young Japanese women to meet, then that’s on senior dating websites. Here women can meet all types of men, and men can find their perfect partner as well.

The great thing about online dating sites is that you can use the algorithm behind them and the filters available to find someone who matches all your criteria for the perfect partner. So you get to pick, choose and chat with the ones who are exactly what you desire.

So if you’re looking for the kind of men you’ve seen in the manga, you can easily find them online. And if you set your preferences right, you will be able to choose everything from gender, age, physical build, location, and ethnicity all the way to personality traits.


The Main Types of Senior Men That Japanese Women Fantasize About:

Before you start thinking about date ideas for anime lovers, you must first learn more about the different types of men you can meet on dating websites, which are the most similar to those you loved reading about in manga.


Here are the main typologies of senior men that you are likely to prefer:

     An older man is gentle and kind when he meets people and treats them with kindness.

     Someone who listens to you and is interested in your personality above all else.

     A man who is modest and frank and a hard worker.

     A gentleman who prefers to have a rational discussion about any problem and won’t get angry. His words carry weight, and you can rely on him.


Can We Meet the Ideal Characters of the Manga World IRL?

While manga is, by definition, fiction, it doesn’t mean that it’s not anchored in real life or that the characters you read about won’t have similar sides with real-life people. While fewer in the real world and harder to come by, real men, the kind that women dream about, exist not just in a fantasy world but in the real world as well.

It would be harder to meet them offline, but luckily, online, where you have unlimited power to meet and chat with whomever you want and have the help of technology, it will be much easier to find a match.


The men you’ve read about in manga, the ones you’ve seen in animes, exist in real life as well. You can find an older gentleman who will fulfill your every need and desire, who will be built according to your preferences, a strong man with great values, who is kind and attentive and loves you like you deserve to be loved.

Sure, it might take sometime, and you will need to master the use of filters on dating sites and learn how to discern between who only seems to be what you crave and who is, but you will surely find your perfect manga-like senpai.

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