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Ultraman Trigger - Haruki Natsukawa Uses The GUTS Hyper Sparklence To Transform!

Ultraman Trigger - Haruki Uses The GUTS Hyper Sparklence To Transform!

With the imminent return of Ultraman Zero's disciple, a couple of new images have surfaced featuring Haruki using the GUTS Sparklence to transform into Ultraman Z!

Yes! You read and see it right! Haruki will not be using the Ultra Z Riser to transform into his ultra form anymore. And besides that, his other forms will be accessed via his own set of GUTS Hyper Keys!

If you can also remember, Riku/Ultraman Geed also changed his transformation device from the Geed Riser to the Ultra Z Riser. Now let's wait till the team-up with Trigger happens!

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