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Kamen Rider Revice - A Contract Has Been Made!

Kamen Rider Revice - A Contract Has Been Made!

And here are the newest batch of Kamen Rider Revice scans from the latest issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine featuring our new high jumpin', hard kickin' hero!

Meet Ikki Igarashi. a man who has made a contract with the demon inside himself in order to protect the family that he loves. Using the Revice Driver, Ikki, along with his new buddy, Vice, transforms into Kamen Rider Revi Rex Genome and Kamen Rider Vice. 

Vice can transform into a hoverbike that is Revi's super machine. And when it's time to conclude the action, the duo will perform a double rider kick called the Revice Stamping! They can also combine to become the Revice Rex.

And lastly, we will be seeing his other forms such as the Megalodon Genome (Kamen Rider Decade x Megalodon), and Hawk Genome (Kamen Rider W x Hawk) forms.

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