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Ninninger's Toshihiro Yashiba joins Kamen Rider Revice

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger's Toshihiro Yashiba joins the cast of Kamen Rider Revice!

Toshihiro will portray the role of Tasuke Ushijima, a frequent customer of Shiawase Yu, the bath house run by the protagonist Ikki Igarashi and his family.

Toshihiro Yashiba is best remembered as Tsumuji Igasaki in Ninninger, father of Takaharu and Fuuka Igasaki,  Akaninger and Shironinger, respectively. He also became his own Akaninger in later episodes.

Toshihiro Yashiba as Tsumiji Igasaki in Ninninger

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