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Some Secret Places to Find Your Anime-Lover

Meeting someone who has a similar passion is something that everyone wants. Exchange of opinions and interests with a loved one is worth a lot. And for the anime fans who are crazy about their favorite shows, it is so obvious that they wish to find a friend or even a date who are as crazy anime geeks as they are.

Before, finding an anime lover you can date was hard. But now, in this modern world and with the recent surge of the anime industry, there are various ways to meet fellow anime fans and even go on a date with them.

Here are some secret places where you can hang out and find a fellow anime fan you can ask out!

1   1. Dating Sites and Apps

Perhaps the most popular way to find and meet like-minded people in today’s age is online. Dedicated anime dating sites and apps celebrate the nerd in you and are helping anime-lover singles to find friends and potentials dates in the same fandom community.

By joining the most reliable online dating sites designed for those obsessed with Japanese anime and manga, you have the chance to meet and date fellow anime geeks. With online dating becoming a norm in screening potential dates, you got a lot of options for an anime-specific dating app and site.

When trying to impress someone online, you need to observe anime dating etiquette in order to ensure a great experience.

You need to be honest about your passion and never make fun of others because of their unique anime preference. For example, if you’re not a fan of a certain manga or anime because of their gory or nonsensical storyline, you don’t have to tell it to someone who likes them. Instead, you should be positive in all your communications. Also, never make up any interests or pretending to love one anime just because the person you’re talking to is a big fan of it.

J   2. Join Anime Forums and Blogs

Another way of finding fellow anime geeks and attracting their attention is to join anime forums and various blogs. You can navigate the forums that are related to manga, anime, or other aspects of otaku culture. You can also join active groups on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms about these kinds of topics. Participating in the discussion opens yourself to various users who may share your opinions and thoughts.

Other than that, you can also follow blog posts on anime and manga topics. You don’t just learn new things by following these but also get the chance to find like-minded people you can comfortably talk to about your anime addictions and possibly date.

     3. Manga Club and Cosplay Conventions

Perhaps one of the most popular ways in which anime lovers get together is through manga and anime clubs as well as anime and cosplay conventions.

You can find local to even international anime conventions that feature people dressing up as their favorite anime and manga characters and having fun. It is easy to fall in love during the course of such an event because you are surrounded by colorful, passionate, and laughing individuals.

Maybe you’ll find your Hinata or Eren amongst the crowds of fellow cosplayers, lock eyes and share your love of the same anime story. If you did good, you could even ask for their online dating profile so you can continue sharing your passion even after the event.


These are just some of the ways and places you can find and meet fellow anime fans. So, what are you waiting for? Try your luck now in one of these methods and get the chance to meet someone who shares your passion and love of anime and manga!

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