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Shin Kamen Rider Lead Actors revealed

Meet the lead actors of Shin Kamen Rider!

Kamen Rider's Official Twitter finally reveals the lead actors for Shin Kamen Rider!

Playing this latest iteration of Takeshi Hongo is Sousuke Ikematsu, who appeared in films such as The Last Samurai and Death Note: Light up the New World.

Appearing alongside Sousuke Ikematsu is none other than Minami Hamabe, whose breakout role was Meiko "Menma" Honma in the live-action Anohana, and is also known as Yumeko Jabami in the live-action Kakegurui. She will portray the role of Ruriko Midorikawa, a character who appeared in episodes 1-13 of the original Kamen Rider. Ruriko is the daughter of Hiroshi Midorikawa, the Shocker scentist who helps Takeshi escape, but ends up killed. Ruriko initially blames Takeshi for her father's death, but becomes his ally after learning the truth.

Shin Kamen Rider will be directed by Hideaki Anno, who also directed other "Shins", namely, Shin Evangelion and Shin Ultraman.

Shin Kamen Rider is slated for release in March 2023.

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