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Ultraman Trigger - First Official Look On Trigger's Glitter Eternity

And the latest issue of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine has finally unveiled the first live look at Ultraman Trigger's Glitter Eternity form!

And before that, here's some exciting news! As mentioned in the rumors from last time, Absolute Diavolo and Ultraman Ribut will be appearing in the series!

As for Ultraman Ribut's human form, it is not Akito! It will be that of his original human host, Terasawa from Upin and Ipin!

And here's the official look on Ultraman Trigger Glitter Eternity! And as the rumors also implied, this form has 3 color timers (and is shaped like Mitsubishi's logo). This form is also armed with the Eternity Blade.

It seems like October 2022 will be an awesome month for the new generation Tiga!

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