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Is Dating a Married Person Possible in Japanese Culture?

Japanese culture is well-known for its emphasis on honor and respect, so it would seem obvious that extra-marital affairs would be completely unacceptable…or are they?

Despite the highly moral code in Japan, there’s a different attitude towards having affairs that you might find elsewhere in the world. Japanese married couples regularly date someone else; it’s simply not a big deal; often date doesn’t even lead to cheating; it is simply a way to make a partner jealous and ignite a new spark in a relationship. What may seem shocking in other countries is perfectly normal in Japan and has no reflection on the marriage as a close union between two loving partners.

Check out our brief guide below for a closer look at whether dating a married person is possible in Japan.


How Life Changes After Getting Married in Japan

Although it is now possible to cohabit with a partner, marriage is expected in Japan. In some parts of the country, cohabitation is still frowned on; it’s only in the major cities where expenses are high that it’s become more widely accepted - as a short-term measure.

It’s not uncommon for married couples to stop being intimate and turn to married personals to find a new partner for company, dates, and flirts. Rather than presenting a problem, dating sites for married people provide a solution. In Japan, it’s usual for married couples not to show any affection in public; this means no kissing, holding hands, or terms of endearment. These habits tend to filter through to their private life, too, and some couples feel more like a mutually owned business than a romantic partnership.

With around 90% of the population expecting to marry, many Japanese couples will eventually wed. The divorce rate in Japan is very low compared to elsewhere, with most marriages staying the course. That doesn’t mean there aren’t changed in the relationship after getting married, and quite often, this relates to love.

By having another boyfriend or girlfriend on the side, husbands and wives can remain content in a socially acceptable marriage while getting their needs for romance and flirting fulfilled elsewhere.

Using Anime to Understand Culture

Well-known anime is a type of Japanese cartoon, and it’s often made for adult audiences. Despite its outward appearance to western child cartoons, anime is very popular with adults and has mature themes.

The stories in anime reflect Japanese culture and its values and sometimes touch the subject of cheating. Culture reflects society’s values, and there are two sides to anime. Serious series mostly presents cheating as an act of treachery, like in “Death Parade,” for example, an unfaithful wife gets an incredibly hard punishment after coming to the underworld for judgment. Yet, at the same time, in other, more playful titles, husbands who spend too much time in bathhouses and massage parlors and wives who are incredibly bored at home are featured heavily, and their playing on the side isn’t judged. Society mostly leads to the second option while publicly expressing admiration for the first one, and it isn’t surprising – Japan isn’t unique in that regard.

Dating Sites Provide Opportunities

While taking an extra-marital partner for dates and flirting in Japan is not very common, there’s another detail - it’s not permissible to flout it in public or in front of your spouse. This means that men and women who want to find a willing partner must do so discreetly.

Dating sites that provide services for married personals are a godsend in Japan as it makes arranging going out with someone out of your marriage very easy. No one wants to disrespect their partner, and dating sites offer a dignified and easy way to meet someone for some fun.

Tips for Those Looking for Something New

It’s not just married men and women who use these dating sites; they’re popular with singles too. Although the ultimate goal may be to find a partner for marriage, many men and women want to have their own share of dating first.

Japanese singles looking for new experiences can gain a lot by signing up to married personals dating sites. As a way of enjoying chatting and flirting with experienced partners without any of the demands of a relationship, it’s a very liberating experience for all involved.

Furthermore, this type of relationship can be slightly wilder and more experimental than with a serious partner. People usually have their serious self on when dealing with their life partner, which can put a struggle on fun, games, and playfulness. There are fewer boundaries with married person dating sites and partners on the side, so men and women may feel liberated, joyful, and let repressed part of their consciousness roam free when talking to other people. 

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