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Kamen Rider Revice Episode 05 Title & Description

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 05 Title & Description

Cho Henshin! Next time on Kamen Rider Revice, a new enemy appears and our dynamic buddies transform into their Lion Genome Form!

Episode o5 "The world reforming rider! Who is the traitor?" 10/03/21

"However, one day an old man gives him a tip, saying his grandson is broadcasting something known as a "Punishment Livestream". In the video, a Deadman is created and is used to reform a sweatshop exploiting its employees! Not to mention, the whole thing is being broadcast live! Ikki decides to become the first Rider to try to change the world! 

Meanwhile, at Fenix HQ, the theft of Vistamps has started to become a problem! Tensions run high among the higher-ups as Daiji and Hiromi are urgently convened! However, Commander Wakabayashi and George Karizaki's eyes are focused solely on one man. For the name of the card key that was used to access the lab read "Hiromi Kadota"...!"

Source: SpecialForm12

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