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Kamen Rider OOO announces 10th anniversary movie

In celebration of Kamen Rider OOO's 10th anniversary, Toei announces a special movie!

Given the subtitle of Fukkatsu no Core Medal, the anniversary movie centers around Eiji and his friends bringing back Ankh!

We also get to see the Ancient OOO who fought centuries before the main TV series in action!

Kamen Rider Birth also returns, and furthermore, gets a new upgrade!

Speaking of  upgrades, Tajador gets a new look more in tune with Ankh!

Returning cast members are of course, Shu Watanabe and Ryosuke Miura, Asaya Kimijima, Hiroaki Iwanaga, Riho Takada, Mayuko Arisue, Marie Kai, and Takashi Ukaji.

Kamen Rider OOO Fukkatsu no Core Medal hits Japanese theaters in spring 2022, with a blu-ray/dvd release scheduled August 24.


Official website (with trailer)

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